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Now, today I wanna talk about Undertale. This is an awesome game, with lots of cool sountracks and a mysterious lore. Recently, another game from the same creator (Toby Fox), has come out. It’s called Deltarune (which is an anagram of Undertale), and it’s FOR FREE!!! We aren’t sure if it is a prequel, or a sequel, but the main theory is that it is a prequel. In the first game the character falls into the Underworld, when falling in mt. Ebott. To get out of there he/she has to make tough decisions, fight enemies varying from a goat queen, through talking skeletons, and at the end, a giant plant, trying to kill you with the power of 6 human souls. One of my favorite features of the game are the awesome soundtracks. My (and many other people’s) favorite soundtrack is called “sans.”.

It’s made for a skeleton with a blue hoodie and pink slippers.sanssiteHe is the lazybone in the game, although, when you play the Genocide run (when you kill everyone), he is the hardest enemy.

This was my review of the game “Undertale”! If you enjoyed reading this, please subscribe to my Youtube channel: mr. TNT! If you have other opinion, feel free to comment it down below! Also if you have ideas for future game reviews, tell me in the comments! Bye!


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