Super Mario 64

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Who doesn’t like Mario? The happy mustached plumber is a classic character from Nintendo. And this game as well. This is one of his longest adventures, as he goes from princess Toadstool (Peach) to evil Bowser’s lair. While he stomps Goombas and rides Koopa shells, Mario has to collect Power Stars, so he can use them to open doors in the castle for more stars. When he has all the stars, he can jump in the cannon and fly to the roof to see Yoshi (another classic). The tragic tale of Super Mario is… well not that tragic.

A bad spell has turned all of the servants of princess Peach into mushroom men (Toads).toadAnd if that’s not enough, the evil lord of the koopas, Bowser, loves the princess and sends his army to get her! But the plumber Mario, comes to save the day! (again).

This was my review of the game “Super Mario 64”! If you enjoyed reading this, please subscribe to my Youtube channel: mr. TNT! If you have other opinion, feel free to comment it down below! Also if you have ideas for future game reviews, tell me in the comments! Bye!

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